what clients say




dear Elizabeth,

words cannot express my thanks for all you did to make K's wedding day a dream come true.  

your generosity and time, talent and spirit made all the difference in her life.  The wedding probably would not have happened had it not been for you and your willingness to be there for her.

I remember K. calling you as soon as we found the site and possible date.  Your flexibility and willingness to do "whatever it took"  to get not only K's dress, but all the dresses completed gave us the confidence to go ahead with the plans.

Elizabeth, K's dress was perfect for her.  I really don't know what to say except thank you.  She loved working with you in your studio.  Your relaxed nature carried over to her.;  she thoroughly enjoyed every fitting.  All the dresses are gorgeous.  You are so talented. . . . .




E..   just to let you know that I got raves on the apricot dress that i wore to the bridal brunch.  it was  perfect for a hot sonoma day!

love m



Dear e.

your favorite dress and i garnered endless compliments at the gala!!!!!

thank you for making magic

love trisha



Dear E

Ive been meaning to write to you so this by way of a little overdue expression of deep thanks.  the clothes you make for me are like perfect creations - you express my inner feelings about myself, a kind of ideal of how i long to look, to be.  the little sun dress that you made me last summer is perfect right now and everywhere i go i get lots of compliments.  the blue dress is heavenly.  and i love the way both skirts float around my legs as if the air around me becomes part of the cloth, le tissue.  a sort of vitality exchanged between me and the dress. . .that makes for happiness.




your clothes are so beautiful, inspiring and elegant. . .

i loved trying on all of the dresses. . .each one made me feel like a relaxed sexy girl that strolled up from the beach in the south of france. . .they are just so completely comfortable, natural and fun to wear!




thank you thank you thank you for coming to the rescue!

we opened last night in paris and everyone looked beautiful in your work.

we are so grateful to have you as a collaborator.

everyone here in paris at tbdc gives you a big round of applause!



dear e

thank you, this has been a wonderful experience.  you are sweet, kind, gentle and patient, and are blessed with a special gift.  my wedding dress is so perfect for me.   I love it!!!   i came to you with an idea of a dress and left with my dream dress.  knowing you  had such an important part in such a big day should make you very proud.  it sincerely was my pleasure to work with you.

love k



dear elizabeth

people are soo enthusiastic about this skirt.   i went to the sculpture center and some other openings last night.  a woman come up and told me it was the most beautiful skirt she saw in her life.  a man told me i looked like an angel walking through the show, that he had never seen such a lovely skirt.  a trendy girl came over and asked if she could interrupt that she loved my outfit.   strangers.  on and on compliments.   then m..K. (the exhibition star) j.p.  and other well known grown up artists crowded around me saying hello kissing me like it was my show.  I really  feel this skirt is magical. . . . .

i cancelled my flight this morning.   just to tell you how special this skirt is to me.  

with love





simply said the pants are beautiful!!  i so much enjoyed meeting you and the making of the pants process.  you are an amazing person doing amazing things.  your work is spectacular.  i cannot thank you enough for the work you did.  you have truly inspired me.




was that outfit a hit!!!!!!  

everyone freaked out in pittsburgh and i am hoping i did great press for you!




i love my blouse!!  it is elegant and full of history.

and easily the most elegant thing in my wardrobe.

thank you for your brilliant talent.




thank you dear e

it is so much fun to see.  i am fascinated by all this color--

you mastered this fabric.  you've allowed it to speak out, yet also have a lovely quiet too..

can't wait to see it all together.

thank you for all your talent and thoughtfulness.




dear e

thank you so much for making me the vintage dress of my vintage- loving dreams!  it was such a pleasure to work with you through the months leading up to my wedding.  from the beginning, i really felt like you "get" me and i was in incredibly capable and talented hands.

my wedding dress was/is gorgeous.  i had such an amazing time wearing it.  everybody at the wedding commented on both how well it fit and suited me and it was so great to be able to display my personal style on such an important day.  i couldn't have felt better about myself and i hope the enclosed pictures show just how comfortable and gorgeous i felt wearing it.